buttonwood pn

2013 Pinot Noir
Santa Rita Hills, CA

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“Buttonwood’s wine maker Karen Steinwachs has hit a home run with this wine. The grapes, from the Rancho la Vina and Hibbits Ranch Vineyards of Santa Rita Hills, were cold-soaked for three days before they started fermentation, extracting the inimitable bright, pure essence of Pinot Noir. Possibly the best Pinot Noir in the store selling for under $30!”

Tim Korby

Fine Wine Director




Atwater Brewery
Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale
Detroit, MI

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“This deep, dark American stout truly earns the name ‘Decadent’. With strong chocolate aromas and robust fudge flavor with a hint of vanilla as it finishes. Surprisingly light body this beer is a modest 5.5% alcohol that leaves you wanting more after every sip.”

Ben Dixey
Beer Director, Attleboro


The Macallan
Edition No. 1
Highland Single Malt

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“No. 1 is a clear callback to the distillery’s heavily-sherried history, downright assertive from the get-go with big citrus and spice notes. Punchy and lightly medicinal on the nose, those rich sherry notes kick things off in classic Macallan style. On the tongue, the whisky offers a big slug of orange oil and marmalade that winds its way into notes of toasted marshmallow, cloves, incense, and oily leather. The lengthy finish echoes more citrus, plus notes of sweet dates, raisins, and a touch of lumberyard.”

Ethan Vezina
Assistant Store Manager, Attleboro